Ultraman Gaia Production History

When the Ultra series entered the 1990s one of the biggest things on its mind seemed to be the planet Earth. It focused on our terrestrial home not just as a beautiful blue gem that shone in the dark expanse of space but also turned attention towards humanity and its relationship with it. Specifically humanity … Continue reading Ultraman Gaia Production History

Ultraman Max Production History

Making a show requires a lot of time and thought, it needs room to breathe and experiment and flesh out ideas. You want to get as much time as possible for the production period. A rushed or spotty production can spell doom for many shows. The last thing you want to do is work on … Continue reading Ultraman Max Production History

Return of Ultraman Production History

After Ultraseven, the Ultra series was set to end. Eiji had plans to move in an entirely different direction with his career. He was smitten by Western cinema and television with unique special effects. He had a strong desire to replicate what he saw in his favorite western shows and put his own spin on them. This is reflected … Continue reading Return of Ultraman Production History

Ultraman Tiga Production History

Beginnings are often something that requires precision planning and a strong vision for what is to come afterwards. It requires a lot of thought… usually. Ultraman Tiga has a reputation for ushering in a new era in the Tokusatsu medium. Because of this people believe that Tiga was the result of that aforementioned precision planning, … Continue reading Ultraman Tiga Production History

Ultraman Nexus Production History

When looking back at the state of Ultra in the early 2000s people often point fingers at one thing for the fall of the series and eventual hiatus from mainstream TV. That one thing is Ultraman Nexus. Ultraman Nexus was a show that got cursed with an unfortunate streak of bad luck that caused the … Continue reading Ultraman Nexus Production History

Ultraman Ginga S Production History

Despite how long and storied the Ultra series is, it is very rare for it to have direct sequels. While there are multiple shows across the series that take place in the same universe, never do they really ever follow the same cast of characters and Ultras or acted as a direct continuation. The closest thing that … Continue reading Ultraman Ginga S Production History

Ultraman Ginga Production History

Whenever the Ultra series leaves TV, that is when the most behind the scenes chaos begins. However, in the case of Mebius things were much different than ever before. By the time that the Ultra series returned to TV in 2013, the very corporate makeup of the company had immensely changed. The Tsuburaya Productions of … Continue reading Ultraman Ginga Production History

Ultraman Mebius Production History

Upon reaching the end of Ultraman Max, Tsuburaya Productions was in a dire state. Never once had they been so close to having to close up shop. Not even during the time the company was on hiatus for all of those years in the 80s and 90s. As the executives ran about, fearing for the … Continue reading Ultraman Mebius Production History

Ultraseven Production History

The entire country of Japan was set aflame by the Ultra series. Thousands of people tuned in each week to see the latest tale of mystery and horror or the latest death-defying battle of Ultraman and the SSSP. A renewed boom in kaiju and sci-fi popped up overnight as Tsuburaya Productions proved themselves as a … Continue reading Ultraseven Production History

Ultraman (1966) Production History

 Heroes have a tendency to show up in times of crisis and strife. They reflect, to a degree, a creator’s answer towards a crisis. What a creator thinks the world needs to help it get through some tough times or spark a little bit of joy (or provoking thought) in ourselves. The hero that Eiji Tsuburaya thought the … Continue reading Ultraman (1966) Production History